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兰空间(LAN SPACE)创立于2015年、以群展《在想象中闪烁》开启于草场地!总面积约222平米。是一家以推动中国当代艺术与国际文化艺术交流的专业画廊机构,并长期举办展示、推广,国内外艺术交流活动。由创始人石兰担任艺术总监。


LAN SPACE was founded in 2015 and opened in Caochangdi with the group exhibition “Radiance of Imagination”.The total area is about 222 square meters. LAN SPACE is  promote contemporary Chinese art and international cultural and artistic exchanges of professional bodies,and has long held exhibition, promotion and art exchange activities at home and abroad. By the founder SHI LAN as artistic director.

LAN SPACE adheres to the pure and sincere academic concept of gallery, to explore the contemporary significance of paintings as the core, looking for people to trigger the historical humanities, international hot spots and the current attitude of in-depth discussion! Dedicated to the establishment of a unique artistic style and good reputation in the industry, from the perspective of gallery institutions, reflects the most simple and sincere pursuit of art, in the field of visual culture, to truly explore the voice of art discovery, for artists, markets, collectors to provide a good platform.